Our organization enables almost everyone to have the benefits of a powerful global e-commerce system at no cost to them, and in the world’s most spoken languages. We use Artificial Intelligence language translation which is now almost as accurate as human-level translation.

Suppliers need only access to the Internet with a Smart Phone or Internet Cafe to benefit from our system, and in almost every language there is.

Recent technology advances have made our organization viable.  


1. Suppliers enjoy a US based headquarters.

2. Increased legitimacy and credibility.  All suppliers are verified for quality and reliability. 

3. Supplier Business Support Services

4. We construct your store and manage it for you.  It includes sales and marketing campaigns and exposure on all major social networks such as Facebook. 

5. Your store requires $100K US sales potential per year. If yours is less than that, other complimenting products will be added until you can grow enough to have your own personal store.  

6. We need your product photos to display. Professional photos are best, but we can enhance almost any photos. Suitable photos can be readily obtained. 

7. Personal photos of you and your family are helpful. Buyers want to know who they are buying from. 

8. You give us your best price, and we add a reasonable commission to all sales to pay our costs. 

9. A simple written agreement exists with a two year commitment to enable us to recover our costs. Not all products will qualify, unfortunately. 

We Need...

Artisans, craftsman, and suppliers of all kinds. Suggest a store, and we will consider it. Our first few stores are our “testing stores,” or “beta stores” in technology terms. These enable us to perfect our methods, systems, and techniques. 

Buyers benefit more than anyone. They can enjoy quality products they’ve never had access to previously. It is a win-win for everyone. 

                                              41593 Winchester Rd., Ste. 200 Temecula, CA 92590 Phone 951-637-4920 Fax  951-637-1626                                                         

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