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 We Need Suppliers Worldwide!


Have your own topline e-commerce store at no cost to you. 

We need the best quality…


      ♦ All Handmade Items

      All Custom Made Items

      High Quality Production Items

Anything and Everything. No one is too small or too large! We enable disadvantaged firms worldwide to have a powerful e-commerce system at zero cost to them. No English – No Problem.  We need the unique and wonderful worldwide.

About Us:   We are a group of business professionals who have decades of experience in business management, law and legal, sales and marketing, plus technology. We have access to virtually every kind of expert consultant there is. We can assist you in virtually every way there is to manage and grow your company. Your success is our success.

We plan around 100 stores for this phase of The Plaza. You give us your best price, and we add a reasonable commission to pay our costs. You are our customers and are treated as such. A simple written agreement exists. Our methods are proprietary.

What We Do: We construct your store, and then manage it for you. We manage your sales and marketing campaigns. We interact with customers, and send orders to you. You ship them worldwide. We pay you directly using most money transfer methods.
We require your store to have the potential to generate $100K US per year. If it is less than that, you will share a store with complimenting products until you can grow enough to have your own store. We will do all we can to help you succeed.

Stores Opening Soon!

      Handmade Custom Knives, Swords, Axes and High Quality Production Knives 


                                          Items for Seniors and the Elderly…All Kinds

Leather Goods

                                                   Leather Goods…All Kinds

Native American Items

    Native American Items and Native Peoples Worldwide


    Art – All Kinds

Home Decor

    Home Decor – All Kinds

Knives Prototype                                                  Here is a prototype of all stores:   


 Please contact us with questions and send product example pics to [email protected] 

Contact Us: The Global Plaza 41593 Winchester Rd., Ste. 200 Temecula, CA 92590  Phone 951-637-4920  Fax is 951-637-1626 [email protected]
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